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  1. How nice it was to speak with Linda this morning – she’s so ready to help. I’m a new puppy owner – Mr. Shalome is turning one year’s old this Friday! We are planning a birthday party in the park! Ideally, I would love for “Mister” to receive clearance for breeding, and now with all of Linda’s tips, maybe I can get it done before he turns 2years old! Thank you for your time Ms. Linda, and I hope we will be in touch with more insight. It’s nice to know you may be a resource for other dog owners of whom I’ve met their acquaintance.

  2. Your dogs are beautiful. I want to get a show quality bitch in a couple of years and am wondering if you offer Full AKC Registration. I realize you probably have a waiting which is why I’m looking for a puppy in the future.

  3. WE are interested in getting another Golden Retriever. We have had the privilege of raising 3 goldens. We are hooked, and love the breed. We met a couple at the Seal Beach pier that have 3 of your goldens. They praised you and your family. Would love to know if and when you will have another litter. A boy or girl…doesn’t matter to us. Live close in Westminster.

  4. Hi Linda, yesterday at Peet’s coffee/outside, we met a gentleman who had several golden’s that he was taking for a walk and we asked him where he purchased them…. he gave us your info, one of our dogs just past away on 3/24, after 12 yrs😢🙏🏾….. we will be looking to purchase a new addition to our family in a few months, we would like to first mourn the loss of our sweet Balto, will you be having any dogs in the next few months? Thank you for your response 😃

  5. My daughter and I walk by your home with my daughters service dog several times a week. We recently moved to Rossmoor to help take care of my mom. My Dad passed away suddenly last year . Thinking of another furry family member at some point.

  6. Hi, I really like the color of the retrievers. I am interested in puppy but I don’t see any info on the website about coming litters. Is this available? I would like to hear more infomation.

    Thank you

  7. I saw your beautiful dogs online. I have been a Golden owner since 1986. I have had 9 altogether. I am looking for a young female between the ages of 1-4. I realize that breeders don’t breed their females forever and I would love to purchase a companion for my 6 year old girl. I just lost a girl at Christmas. She was 11 years 7 months and it would be nice for her to have a friend.

  8. Hi Linda, we are actively seeking a Golden puppy to add to our family of 4 in Northern Cal. Very interested in learning more about your upcoming litters. We’ve owned 2 Golden boys, both have passed away. Jake lived 12 years and Oliver 11 years. We miss having a dog and are ready for a puppy. We have 2 kids ages 4 and 14. I sent you an e-mail as well. Thanks for your consideration!

  9. I enjoyed your wonderful photos. There is nothing cuter than a litter of Golden Retrievers Thank you!

  10. I love the photo of your Autumnwinds Gang! I also appreciate the information that you provide in terms of your dedication to OFA clearances, extensive socialization prior to puppies going to new homes, your willingness to be there with support and expertise for clients beyond the 8 weeks, the outline of the health guarantee, and options for clients to receive a puppy. Thank you!

  11. Love seeing those happy golden smiles on the home page! Glad we stopped by 🙂

  12. Just wanted to check out your page. My mom’s dog Pippa had a play date with your dogs at Mrs. Friess pool.

  13. I am looking for a golden retriever , preferably male. 1-3 years old I would prefer. I have raised two Golden’s one male, one female. They both lived to 18 years of age. My male, Archie was a big golden 95-100 pounds, stout, square head. We love Golden’s, their personalities are the best, great with kids and very loving. Just wondering if you have any Golden’s available now or in the near future. I live very close to you. I was wondering if I may come to see your dogs. What is the price of your Golden’s? Please contact me . Do you have a phone number so I can get in touch with you? Thank you so much. Geraldine.

  14. Hi, my family lost our precious Golden, Sukie, in 2015, and now that we’re retiring we’re looking for a new addition to the family. We would love to hear from you about possibilities!

  15. Hello Mike and Linda,
    I stopped a woman on the bike path today, she was walking a very handsome golden. I asked her how old he was and where she bought him. She told me about Autumn Winds Goldens in Los Alamitos. She gave me some background on your breeding which peaked my interest. Her golden, Indy, was 1year old and very stout with more of a square head. Great features we like. Do you currently have puppies, if not, when are you expecting your next litter?

    I grew up in Los Alamitos/Rossmoor in the 70’s, graduated Los Al in 1978. We have 2 sons, both USMC, 31 and 29 years old. Older son lives in TX/married, and younger in N.C./engaged (his fiance is a med student at Duke). We just became grandparents which gives us even more interest in having another fabulous pet. I completed your Puppy Inquiry.

    Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to hearing from you.
    Bill and Rebecca Randle

  16. Interested in a female Golden Retriever between now and spring 2021. Please let me know of any litters, AKC papers?, and pricing. Will be a member of our family, not for breeding.

  17. I am looking for a male puppie you were recommended Shannon berry , if any or if I can reserve would like feed back , or if you know anyone ?

  18. We have always rescued goldens, love, love the breed. They become our children. Would be interested in a puppy, currently have a golden boy, 10 years old. Interested in a female. We lost our golden girl in February 2020.

  19. We’ve had 4 Goldens in a row. We would be very interested in a 2 – 3 year old.

  20. Hi Linda.
    Id like to come by your facility tomorrow.
    Would that be convenient and
    what is the best time for you? Please reply at your earliest.
    Claudia Solberg

  21. Hello I’m looking for a female Golden. We lost our girl of 14yrs recently and miss having a Golden around to love on. Please let me know 🙂

  22. Just wondering if you have any puppies available at this time and if so what is your prices for your goldens?

    Thank you

  23. Hi! Our family is wondering if you have any puppies available? We are looking for a male puppy. Thank you!

  24. We had to say good-bye to our 13+ year old golden girl at the end of January, we are now ready to welcome a new girl into our lives. Ideally, we would love a young 12-24 month old girl. Do you ever help in re-homing dogs? If not we would be interested in a puppy. We live locally and are walkers who look forward to sharing our walks with a new golden

  25. Hi there…
    I inquired thru Chris DeRosa at the beginning of this year
    Regarding a female puppy…
    will there be an available puppy soon?
    We lost our third Golden to an unfortunate disease back in November of 2019
    We tried and were unfortunately SCAMED in January of this year
    I am desperately seeking a new female companion
    Please let me know if there is HOPE
    Through you folk


    Claudia Solberg

  26. Our first family Golden Retriever was when I was a high school student; an Ambervale (Nancy Young) dog (Christie) from Tustin in the early 1970’s; what a great dog she was. (Do any of your dogs trace back to Ambervale?) As an adult I had several rescue Goldens and then branched into Shelties. I’d like to have one more Golden in my life and your dogs are stunning.

  27. Hello, We’re looking for another Golden Puppy
    Our Golden , Gus, died 2/2018 at the age of 14years, 3 months, and we’re finally ready. Gus was our 4th Golden since 1977.
    We are looking for a loving, friendly, non-aggressive, fun dog.
    We’d be ready to adopt this November. Please let me know if you expect puppies this Fall or Winter.
    Thank you.

  28. Hi, just curious if you will have puppies anytime before the end of the year? We are looking for 1 possibly 2 female puppies. Specifically of a very calm temperament that can be a companion for our adult son who suffers from anxiety and depression. If you will be having a litter what would be the price for your puppies?

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